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The School of Educational Administration and Management

Providing information, support, knowledge and training for school administrators, bursars, and managers

Free articles

Save money on school postage

Parents taking pupils to out of school events: problems, liability and insurance

Reports for Sale

Reducing the pressure on teachers and school managers - looking at ways of reforming school administration to the benefit of everyone in the school

Increasing the productivity of the school office - showing that 80% of school office interruptions can be avoided, without any reduction in the service given by the office to governors, managers, parents, teachers and pupils

How to ensure that your school always gets best value for money - a guide to implementing a Best Value policy in schools


Interview Questions

We asked what questions administrators of all types had be asked during an interview.  Click here to read just some of the answers we received.



The SEAM offers free information and support, free news services and training programmes.

1: Free weekly newsletters

The SEA runs a series of free weekly newsletters to administrators, bursars, heads and deputies, and heads of teaching departments.  These contain information about new products and services, as well as answers to questions asked by those who subscribe to the services.

You can join any of these newsletters by clicking here (  We guarantee not to release your details to any third party, and you can of course unsubscribe at any time.

2: Education news updated every five minutes

We also run a rolling news programme that allows you to see all the latest education news stories at a glance – see  Schools can also have their press releases appear on this service.

3: Details of suppliers and their products

The School of Educational Administration and Management also maintains the School Procurement Centre - a web site which gives details of thousands of suppliers of school products and services, broken down by subject area.

4.  Training programmes and courses

We run courses and seminars in each of the following areas.  For more details on each one please click on the link

The Certificate in School Efficiency course (2 months on-line)

The National Certificate in Educational Administration (1 year on-line)

The Work Management and Administration Course (2 months on-line)

The School Procurement Courses (various courses)

To read more about the origins and funding of the School of Education Administration please click here


The School Procurement Website

The School Procurement Website
– a comprehensive guide to suppliers to schools sorted by subject and topic. 

Ensure that parents can find your school.

Details of all schools in the UK are held online at the Schools Directory.   Check that your school’s details are correct so that parents can find your school and your school’s website.

Update details of your school here or click on the link in the main menu of the Schools Directory site, top left, fourth item down.

Keep up to date with information and ideas

concerning school administration.  Join the school admin news group free of charge.  Sign up here