The School of Educational
Administration & Management

Established by the Department of Trade and Industry with the support of the SEAM, University of Northampton, and Hamilton House Mailings Ltd


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Courses and Training programmes from the School of Education Administration & Management

We run courses in each of the following areas.

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The Certificate in School Efficiency course (2 months on-line)
The National Certificate in Educational Administration (1 year on-line)
The Work Management and Administration Course (2 months on line)
The School Procurement Courses (various courses)

Validation of courses

The School of Education Administration was set up in 2006 with funding and support from the Dept of Trade and Industry through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, and under the close supervision of the Faculty of Education at the University of Northampton. 

Initially the courses of the SEA were validated by the Institute of Administrative Management, and later as the SEA became the School of Education Administration and Management, validation was undertaken by the Institute of Business Management.

The Institute of Business Management continued its role and validated the Diploma in School Efficiency, but by the time of the introduction of the Certificate in School Efficiency it was felt that the SEAM’s position in this area of work and research had become so pre-eminent that it was agreed that it was more appropriate for the SEAM to validate the courses and student’s work internally.  

Following this, from April 2013, in recognition of the growth of the SEAM and its position within the field, the need for external validation on all SEAM courses was reviewed, and external validation was removed.  This change reflects the growing status of the SEAM as the pre-eminent organisation in the fields of school administration, school management and school efficiency, and has also allowed SEAM tutors to deal with students’ work, research and enquiries in a much more speedy, efficient and effective way. 






The School Procurement Website

The School Procurement Website
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