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Information from RM on Tucasi and Integris.

We are the suppliers of both products and are happy to take any questions that your subscribers may have, however I’ve also given a brief overview of both products that you may want to publish.

Tucasi School Cash Office

Tucasi School Cash Office reduces the hassle of managing cash in your school. The system manages everything from dinner money to uniform sales and, with automatic letter generation using your existing MIS system, you can start saving time from day one. 

Reduce administrative time

The system is easily navigated with everything you need within easy reach and by integrating with your school MIS system; there is no duplication of data. Cash flow can be monitored on a daily basis and debt collection is made much easier through automated workflow – produce receipts at a touch of a button! find out more

Provides an audit trail

The system produces a complete audit history for cash flow through the school. Administrators and Head teachers can be confident that while the system simplifies banking and reconciliation, it also provides for accurate accounting.

Information at your finger tips

Once the data has been added to the system, you have easy access to all the information you need to manage your school efficiently. The system can run a range of reports designed to help school management. For example, you can automatically generate kitchen reports identifying final numbers of school dinners required and administrative reports identifying outstanding debts. Easy access to information also ensures that you can deal with parent enquiries without difficulty. School Cash Office

Track payment of money

Tucasi School Cash Office makes cash flow management much easier. You can easily identify debts owing and let the system automatically produce reminder letters. You can run reports to monitor the debts owing associated with different activities – dinner money, school trips or uniform purchases.

Make savings

With Tucasi School Cash Office it is easy to see how schools can make savings in administrative time and costs. School administrators can use the time they have claimed back to provide support in other areas and schools could divert the cash savings they make to educational resources enhancing the learning experience for children.

Dinner Money

A key component of Tucasi Cash Office is the Dinner Money Manager module. This module monitors the pupil’s meal type, recognises when they have paid their dinner money, generates reminder letters at the press of a button and produces meaningful management reports. We recognise the administrative burden of dinner money management and this module is also available to purchase as a separate module if required.

Event Management

Every school has to manage school fairs and educational school trips. Tucasi School Cash Office provides the administrative support to do this easily and without devoting a large amount of time to it. The system allows you to create a school trip, manage who is going, how much the trip will cost and create a payment plan for each child. You can then track balances quickly and easily, automatically following up on outstanding debts with reminder letters.

General Income

Cash flow through a school comes in and out for a range of purposes, from school trips to music lessons, room hire to uniform purchases. Tucasi School Cash Office can manage all income-related transactions. Payments can be linked to the relevant child through the dynamic link to your school MIS system. You can benefit from automatic receipt generation and the ability to easily create reminder letters to chase outstanding debts.


The Tucasi School Cash Office provides a clear trail of all cash transactions. Details of every transaction can easily be accessed to deal with any query that may arise.

"The system saves us time and is much more professional

than the old way of doing things and you can instantly

see if a child owes any money. We would not go back."

Grange Junior School, Gosport

Integris G2

Integris G2  is the new generation of school Management Information System that will radically reduce the complexity of school administration. Centrally hosted and web-delivered, the Integris G2 solution offers access to school information for teachers, pupils and their parents (as well as the Local Authority) from the classroom, office or home.

Access Powerful Management Information, Raise Standards

Managing administration and bureaucracy in school can take up a large amount of your time. A world class school Management Information System with a powerful suite of administration tools, Integris G2 plays an important part in the efficient running of a school and is a major contributor to raising standards and achievements. Users are able to manage:

  • School Administration
  • Pupil Attendance
  • Assessment Records
  • Student Behaviour
  • Parental Reporting
  • Statutory DCFS requirements such as the School Census Return

Integris G2 in operation

Integris G2 is different; since it is centrally hosted and web delivered, it can be securely accessed from any PC with a web browser and Internet access. Backup worries, time-consuming IT housekeeping and expensive server and hardware configurations to support your MIS are a thing of the past.

Zero maintenance

Integris G2 means school data can be hosted off-site at either the local authority or at RM‘s own hosting facility. Remote hosting allows routine tasks such as data backup and software upgrades to take place centrally, without depending on school admin staff. Service providers such as Local Authorities and RM can deploy software changes overnight to eliminate update downtime. Upgrades are simply applied once, centrally, and all schools are able to use a new release of the software immediately.

Effortless data access for all key stakeholders

A full Integris G2 implementation means data on the system can be accessed remotely anytime, anywhere. Those with the appropriate access rights to a school‘s pupil data can instantly view, analyse and report on existing information – subject to permissions. Parents, meanwhile, can access their child‘s records to view attendance data, school reports or end of term results. Teachers can work on the system from home or from any internet enabled PC. Children‘s Services could access the live data without having to rely on the school administrators having the time to respond to their requests. Integris G2 integrates fully with the RM Learning Platform and Portal or any other VLE or MLE based on Becta standards. This gives schools greater flexibility with shared curriculum content and pupil data both now and into the future.

Integris G2 – Removing complexity, promoting simplicity

Integris G2 includes a powerful reporting tool. Data can be transferred to Microsoft® Excel or interrogated using a simple filter. In addition Integris G2 will reduce workload, as, with your school‘s consent, the Local Authority can begin to carry out a number of tasks on a school‘s behalf e.g. Key Stage 2 results, Year End or updating Cared for Children.

Robust security and platform neutrality

Robust security protocols as used by Internet banks ensure only users with the appropriate privileges can access pupil data. Integris G2 is also built on Open Standards; it can be run on any database, providing protection for previous investments.

Supporting key ‘Every Child Matters‘ outcomes

Integris G2 Behaviour, Attendance and Assessment Modules support the ECM key outcomes. By tracking every child‘s attainment, and proactively managing behaviour and attendance trends, Integris G2 supports several of the key aims of ECM.

By linking with notification systems

Integris G2 can automatically inform parents by SMS text or automated voice message should their child be absent. The Behaviour module provides the ability to manage the positive, neutral and negative behaviours of each child. Assessment allows individual or group targets to be set with ease, tracking progress and identifying underachievement.

“We are a new user of IntegrisG2 and are already impressed by the attendance module. The system will provide teachers with the functionality to take the register online in the classroom, updating the data immediately which will greatly improve attendance data. Reporting is very simple and quick, a very useful tool.”

Angela Lancefield, HLTA/Pupil Welfare, Mersea Island School, Essex 

 “IntegrisG2 has brought in new functionality which makes our job so much easier. For example, being able to add notes in the electronic register against individual pupils makes it easier for teachers to track attendance. Also, the ability to create our own ad hoc reports is brilliant - they’re easy to do and suit our own specific requirements.”

Isil Mustafa, School Administrator, Stamford Hill Primary School, Haringey 

 “IntegrisG2 makes my job so much easier and gives me more time to concentrate on other areas of my job.”

Joanne Westbury, Bursar, West End Middle School, Kirklees

Jane Gibson
Product Consultant
School Management Solutions
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